Nataliya Scheib 

The objective of this commissioned project was for me to propose a few interesting design options for the open space of the façade of a residential home in the Medical District of Houston, TX. After reviewing the variety of my conceptual ideas, the owners decided on the metal architectural feature, which is to be placed above the center of the arched front opening.

 The customers carefully chose the oval architectural feature, which was symmetrically designed with abstract geometrical figures, after narrowing down the variety of my proposed motifs with different shapes.

 As soon as the idea for the design was finalized, I drafted it to scale for the metal manufacturer. Afterward, I created several color renderings with an assortment of specific color combinations.  

 The manufacturer was specially selected by the owner to reproduce the design by hand-cutting the metal to weld, so the imperfections of the man-made structure could be seen.  The color scheme was selected by the customer. 

Design of an Architectural Metal Feature 

Color Renderings 

Nataliya Scheib
Design of Metal Architectural Feature (Commissioned), 2017

Exterior artwork for residential home in Medical District, Houston, TX
Design - Graphite Drawing on Paper, Sizes Varied
Color Renderings - Gauche on Paper, 18" x 24"
Metal Architectural Feature - Installed size 5’ x 8’

Sketches and Design of an Architectural Metal Feature 

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