Originally named “Love,” and later renamed “La Vie J’Adore” (The Life I Love) this artwork offers, just as the name suggests, displays of lavishly rich and elegant opulence, luxurious lifestyle, dreams, love, and desire. Organized in film-like strips, just like a glamorous movie, the viewer can read each line and create its own unique story. 
The sheer gold fabric sparingly flowing over the images serves as the “curtain” which offers the viewer to peek through at the life from a close by perspective.   As all curtains do, it can be pulled back, drawn closed or removed entirely. Named a “natural colorist” by many, the rich, lavish colors of this artwork does not disappoint.​


 2017                Visual Art Alliance Juried Exhibition, Gallery of Spring Street Studios,  Houston, TX. 

Nataliya Scheib

La Vie J'Adore, 2016

Paper images and fabric on canvas

48" x 60"


Nataliya Scheib 

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