Nataliya Scheib 

Detail - "Roses and Hearts on the Blue Sky"

 2015- 2016

​by Nataliya Scheib


PHOTO: Jermaine Compton

​​PAINTINGS >Roses and Hearts on the Blue Sky

PHOTO: Jermaine Compton

Nataliya Scheib

"Roses and Hearts on the Blue Sky", 2015- 2016

Oil on Canvas

​48" x 72"

This painting is based on a Ukrainian design.  The brightly designed floral clothes are worn daily by Ukrianian women (and sometimes men) on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, celebrations, religious and other events. This is their way to show an appreciation and respect for the occasion.

When I painted this vibrant and attention-grabbing floral composition, I felt nostalgic for the country of Ukraine and the people.
The name of the painting - “Roses and Hearts on the Blue Sky” - represents the country of Ukraine and also commemorates its heroes in the war against Russia’s attacks. The blue background of the painting implies the Ukrainian flag; the hearts honor the people who lost their lives defending Ukraine, and the blooming flowers show the everlasting gratitude and indebtedness to them.

My goal of this work was to bring cheerfulness and a positive outlook, with a touch of amusement to Houstonians and to each person who sees this work. 

This work will be installed and displayed on the façade of 901 Main Street in Downtown Houston, TX from July 1st through October 1, 2016 as a part of the Art Blocks Houston project.