Nataliya Scheib 

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After climbing uphill at Tierra del Fuego National Park in Ushuaia, Argentina, you can see magnificent views opening down the skylines and all around.

When I painted this scenery, I wanted to reflect the freshness and coolness of the air, the tranquility and peacefulness of nature, and the extent of the land and woods disappearing far into the distance.  

Although appearing realistic, I have made every effort to make it an abstract painting that gives the impression of the landscape.  Using numerous layers of thin oil washes, allowing them to drip down the canvas, until the colors and the shapes of the landscape image “appears” on a surface without painting them directly.  Although this process takes a very long time, I like to see the result of the ease of paint and absence of a struggle.  When viewed closely, the painting seems completely abstract, but when it is looked at from a distance the landscape scene is recognized by the eye. 

Because this painting is in between abstract and realistic, it can be viewed from any perspective, and this adds interest to the painting that I want the viewer to notice.  


Nataliya Scheib

"Ushuaia, Argentina,"  2016

Oil on cancas

​36" x 48"