Nataliya Scheib 

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PHOTO:  Rick Wells

Mirroring the vast Texas Sunset in the water multiplies the effect provided by the glowing orange sky.  Reflecting this scene using only paper images is a very challenging yet stimulating task.  It was challenging to replicate the variety of hues of shimmering water with dazzling tints and tones of the summer sunset.

This collage is more than what the eye can see. Rich and complex, the collage is a metaphor for layers of meaning, and it reflects the time, culture, and place of its creation as well as memorializes a scenery.

I use collage to create links to hidden human consciousness and desire. Because of the diversity of materials used, each piece defies reproduction – even by me. To create my collage, I cut words and images from periodicals and printed media. These pieces are treated for archival preservation and varnished for UV protection.


2017               “Nataliya Scheib: The Essence of the World” solo exhibition at Tarleton State University, Dora Lee  Langdon Education and Cultural                        Center, Granbury, TX

Nataliya Scheib
"Lake Travis, Texas", 2017
Collage from paper images on wood
40" x 48"