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Nataliya Scheib

Wrapped Around, 2014

Paper images and fabric on wood

32" x 30"

Although the style of this work can be considered abstract due to the “overall” design, the idea of this work has a very reflective and philosophical meaning.

The images in this work symbolize the items people acquire throughout their lifetime - such as clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, watches, furniture, carpet, chandeliers, wall decorations, gifts, books, accessories, and other items – either purchased or received as gifts. The objects are assumed to be an essential part of our contemporary daily living in the US.

The name, “Wrapped Around” metaphorically represents wrappings and ribbons as in gift giving. It also opens up the mind to the other symbolical meanings.

My intention is for the viewer to have a chance to recognize the images and to compare them with the assortment of things in their home. Are there too many objects collected, or too much time spent searching for things?  Finally, I hope that the viewer has some time left to find a deeper meaning of life and one’s life’s purpose. 


 2017               “Nataliya Scheib: The Essence of the World” solo exhibition at Tarleton State University, Dora Lee Langdon Education and Cultural                               Center, Granbury, TX   (April 29 - June 21, 2017)