Nataliya Scheib 

Ukrainian-American Cultural Club Meeting and Dinner

July - October 2016
Nataliya Scheib
"Roses and Hearts on the Blue Sky", 2016

Public Installation on the facade of Marquee building on Market Street Square in Downtown Houston, TX, a part of the Art Blocks Houston at Main Street Square project.

901 Main St, Houston, TX
Installed size 60' x 40'

Original painting: oil on canvas, 48" x 72"

Night time photos

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I completed my painting “Roses and Hearts on the Blue Sky” for a public mural installation organized by Art Blocks Houston and Weingarten Art Group.  It was displayed in the 40’ x 60’ size on the façade of the Main Street Marquee building at 901 Main Street in Downtown Houston as a temporary installation project from June through October 2016.    

​​I create my art with floral compositions as my way of response against the warfare and fighting in the world.  In my opinion, if more people notice and respond to the beauty of nature and the art, the less violence there would be. Whether collaging flowers, fabrics, and crochet or painting the floral motives of my native Ukraine, in my art I explore the role of folk and craft elements, as well as the role of women in the cultural identity of the country. 

With this work I wanted to bring attention to the country of Ukraine, but on the more human, down- to-earth, people level.  By showing traditional daily design patterns, worn by a typical Ukrainian person, may help a viewer to better understand and feel alike on the day-to-day human level. 

On the other hand, it is known that every person views the work from his own perspective and finds different meaning and interpretation of the art based on their background, education level, world knowledge, and experiences. Based on that, my intention with this painting was to bring cheerfulness, joy, positive disposition and outlook, combined with a touch of amusement to each person who would see this work.  

Installation - July 2016

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Public Installation of "Roses and Hearts on the Blue Sky"